A Busy Bride’s Guide To Dealing With Stress

Wow, life has definitely been crazy lately making it rather difficult to get on here and pay attention to the blog. The wedding is in two weeks and I find myself dealing with stress as I try to balance my increasingly demanding school work, my job, wedding planning, toastmasters, family and friends, and just trying [...]


Four Tips to Get You Off Your Butt and Into Your Workout

Saturday marked the beginning of my second week in my month of yoga every day and I already feel a lot stronger and a little more flexible. I have really enjoyed it so far, it's really helped me keep calm and deal with some of the stress that comes from planning a wedding, studying, having [...]

Life Lessons From a Two Week Vegan Diet

The two week vegan challenge officially ended last Sunday. It was definitely an interesting experience, and also a very cleansing experience. I wouldn't say I was bursting with energy or anything like that but it was an incredibly busy period in my life with trying to get all my wedding details in order,  studying for school [...]

This Vegan Pad Thai is So Good That Even the Biggest Meat Loving Guy (or Girl) Will Love It

It is so much fun trying new recipes, especially recipes that you've never really tried before. For Tuesday's I thought I would try something a little different and decided to go with a "No Chicken" Vegan Pad Thai recipe, and I have to say it was a huge winner. Mark, my meat loving fiance, loved [...]

Bean and Beet Burgers with Potato Wedges

Beans and beets, what more could a girl want to eat? Zucchini. That's what. I love zucchini and picked this recipe because they were originally Bean and Zucchini Cutlets which I got from Vegan Sandra, but I couldn't find zucchini at the store so I figured I'll use beets instead. After all, they are really good for [...]