Life Lessons From a Two Week Vegan Diet

My delicious vegan breakfast
My delicious vegan breakfast

The two week vegan challenge officially ended last Sunday. It was definitely an interesting experience, and also a very cleansing experience. I wouldn’t say I was bursting with energy or anything like that but it was an incredibly busy period in my life with trying to get all my wedding details in order,  studying for school and getting ready for our Mexico trip.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing, there were definitely a few times where I had something I wasn’t supposed to, some of them were more innocent than others – like accidentally drinking coffee with milk, and then there was the Wednesday where my boss decided to order us Chinese food and I decided to hell with it! I’m eating this! But that’s life.

Cooking meals when there was myself, the vegan, and my meat-a-tarian fiance actually turned out to be a lot easier than I had anticipated. Before I lived with him I definitely ate a significantly lower amount of meat and dairy, but he loves his meat so I always cook with it now and sometimes I do feel like I would prefer to eat less meat, but I just didn’t really see how it would work. Doing this experiment showed me that it really isn’t that challenging to cook for a meat-eater and a non-meat-eater. It takes a more dishes, but most of the recipes I was cooking made it really easy to cook up some meat and serve it alongside whatever the dish was.

My fiance really enjoyed some of the vegan recipes and loved my vegan peanut butter cups. I let him know ahead of time so he knew that ultimately he was responsible for his meat if he wanted it but I often found myself just cooking something up for him so that took a lot of pressure off me to make sure he had some meat to eat. So if you’re in the same situation as me, just know it’s not that hard, and not that time consuming really to do a little of both. And if you do vegan baking – they will never know the difference.

I found it was a lot more cooking than I might otherwise do. Not that I don’t always cook but on a normal diet there are more lazy days where I just grab perogies or tortillini or frozen pizza and now I couldn’t do that because they all had cheese or something in them that I couldn’t eat.

Snacking was the same, it really limited my snacking – which is good, because honestly I feel like for myself personally, you shouldn’t really have to snack. If I eat a proper meal I should be good to go until the next meal, since I started eating three meals a day, I’ve really started feeling better and feeling less worried about making sure I have enough food to get me through the day.

I finished off the two weeks by going for vegan breakfast with @vegetablesforeveryone on Sunday at a local Winnipeg restaurant. We had both already cheated a little bit and I wasn’t sure if I was going to actually eat the vegan breakfast or go with my normal bacon and eggs but while I did have milk in my coffee I did get the vegan breakfast and I have to say it was AMAZING.

There were chunks of marinated tofu in this kind of curry sauce fried up with peppers and maybe onions, it was served on a bed of arugula along with hashbrowns and toast. I really, really enjoyed it. Not only was it filling and delicious but it didn’t leave me with that gross lump in my stomach that the typical bacon and eggs does.

My take-away from the two weeks was to just try everything. If I hadn’t done this experiment I wouldn’t have realized how easy it was to cook for a veggie and a meat-a-tarian at the same time. If I hadn’t decided to try something new I would never have discovered an amazing new breakfast and I finally can start getting away from the standard bacon and eggs.

Don’t be afraid to try new things! You never know what will work for you and what you are going to enjoy!


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