The Two Week Vegan Challenge!!

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I feel like I wimped out a little bit – the Vegan Challenge was SUPPOSED to be three weeks based on what Dr. Fuhrman said in his lecture BUT then I realized I’m going to an all inclusive Mexican resort on the third Monday and I’d really rather just enjoy myself. So I cut it short. I mean, you gotta enjoy yourself on holiday!

Starting Monday January 6, I will be challenging myself to eat a vegan diet for two weeks!!  You might be thinking, Colleen, didn’t you try doing the dairy free thing? And fell flat on your face? Maybe, but this time I’m more prepared, I’ve been planning for it for a couple weeks now and I am ready to go!! Tammy over at Vegetables for Everyone will be joining me in my challenge!

I’ll be eating mainly whole grains and fresh (or frozen) fruits and vegetables, nuts and beans and making sure the sauces and stuff I use don’t have any animal products in them. I guess that means it will be up to my fiance to finish off all that leftover Christmas chocolate!!

I’ll post recipes I use and keep track of my weight and measurements to see if there is any significant weight loss, as the doctor who was preaching the vegan diet said a lot of people say they lose weight when they go vegan, that of course depends on what you are eating and of course not everyone can handle not eating meat (just want to put that disclaimer in there). Every body is different and some survive better on a non-animal diet than others, so if you decide to try it be careful and listen to what your body is telling you.

I’m planning my meals ahead of time to make it easier and I am looking forward to trying out some new recipes (which I will share on the blog)!!

How about you? How do you feel about eating meat? Are you a meat-a-saurus like my fiance? Or do you tend more towards a veggie based diet? It’s always interesting to see how people eat, I’d love to hear from you!


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