Goodbye Old Year, Hello New Year!


It’s hard to believe another year has passed us by. This is the time of year where everyone is gearing up for the new year, thinking about their resolutions or getting back into the health and fitness game after a season of slacking off and indulging.

While everyone is busy looking forward, I think the new year is a great time to take a look back on the year that’s just ending, look at all your accomplishments and achievements and how far you’ve come. Think about any goals you had and what you did to achieve them or not. Take some time to celebrate yourself and the year you have had, don’t just rush into the new one. Everything that has happened good or bad is worth recognizing and taking stock of. Are you happy with the year you had? What is the thing you are most proud of? Is there anywhere you wished you had covered more ground?

While you are looking back put the emphasis on what you have to celebrate, all those great things that happened, whatever they are, are worth celebrating. I am a firm believe that looking at life with a positive perspective can make such a huge impact on your happiness level. Of course there will be areas where you wish you had done more, but don’t beat yourself up about them, you can’t do everything, resolve to work on those in the new year. Write up an action plan. Find buddies to hold you accountable.

Personally 2013 has been a great year. I got engaged, found out my cholesterol was a little high which was the push I needed to finally once and for all really make health and fitness a consistent part of my lifestyle, I became the president of my Toastmasters club, turned 30 and had an epic birthday bash, went to Mexico with my now fiance, went back to school to study for a new career, I learned to communicate better in my relationship..  I could go on but just an example of how you there is so much good in life you just need to recognize and acknowledge it.

If there is anything I want to work on in the new year, I think it would be making more time for me, I love spending time with my fiance and I’ve fallen into a bit of a routine of TV watching with him in the evening, and I’ve let a lot of things slide. So I want to take more time for myself, just for those little things, like getting a massage, doing a face mask or indulging in a glass of wine and a trashy magazine.

While it can seem like a great idea to make tons of changes and have all these ideas for what you want to do, my advise is not to  overdo it on the resolutions. Making lasting change in your life can be hard, it seems like the best thing to do is jump in full force going to the gym five days a week and swearing off sugar. If that is your approach, a week or two in you’re going to be tired and burnt out because your body isn’t used to the exercise, or you will feel so deprived by not eating the sugar you might have a mega binge and throw yourself off.

Take it one step at a time. Realistically it’s going to be a lot easier if you slowly ease yourself in, start with exercising two or three days a week until your body gets into the rhythm of being used again then add more days a week. Slowly cut back on the sweets, or focus more on adding in more veggies or trying something new every week, making a point of drinking more water, I found that as I focused on eating more raw veggies and healthy snacks my desire for the sweets and the hunger for them just went away naturally.

It’s like something I heard Alicia Silverstone say (and I’m paraphrasing) ‘ if you’re used to eating a rack of ribs a day and you want to make a change in your diet, it’s not going to work to go straight to a raw diet, a better option would be to start switching out those ribs with riblets or something.’ You have to make the change easy, so you don’t feel like your depriving yourself.

Just some things to think about as you get ready to say goodbye to 2013 and making plans for 2014. Good luck!

What are your resolutions for 2014?




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