Happy Holidays! Enjoy the Season!!

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Christmas is two days away!! I’m done all my shopping, all the parties, concerts and events are out of the way. One and a half more days of work and a Christmas luncheon and then it’s go time. I love the holidays, spending time with mine and Mark’s families, watching Christmas movies, playing games with my family and crafts with my niece, enjoying all the wonderful food and just being happy and grateful for everyone in my life. It’s a great time of year.

I do have a confession to make – I have been indulging a little more than I hoped this holiday season, truffles at work, four cookies by George we received as a gift from a client, trying each type of Christmas cookie someone’s wife at work made. Surprisingly, despite my holiday eating, I haven’t gained any holiday pounds (as of yet anyway). I’ve been monitoring that closely – nobody wants to wake up New Years day to discover you’ve put on pounds over the holidays!

I think what has worked for me is drinking plenty of water (as always), keeping up with my morning workout routine (for the most part) or cranking the tunes and dancing around while preparing dinner, being very conscious of chewing my food and trying to eat the bulk of my food during daylight hours – as I read about in the 3 Season Diet.

So as the big day approaches just try to be as consistent as you can, eat as healthy as you can as often as you can, stop eating before you get to that I can’t move because I’m so stuffed point. Don’t starve yourself the rest of the time it will just shock your body when you start eating those big meals. Chew your food, this is something I’ve learned at Integrative Nutrition, it’s so important to chew your food because it’s where your body starts digesting and getting the signal down to your stomach that food is coming so it knows what to do with it. Try and chew every bite at least 25 times.

Most of all just enjoy yourself, have fun, eat treats, enjoy your time with family and friends, be happy and merry and just try and be understanding of people at this time of year. There will always be those difficult people or stressful situations but try and take deep breaths and give them the benefit of the doubt, be understanding and try not to let it get to you. It is the holidays after all. Why be stressed when you can be happy and understanding?

With that I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!! I will talk to you all again after Christmas we get ready for the new year!!