Three Tricks for When Your Office is Bombarded with Holiday Delights and Goodies


At Christmas it seems like everywhere you go are decadent, delicious, holiday treats and whether or not you are hungry or have already eaten a few holiday treats it can be easy to get mesmerized by the cheerful icing, or dazzling sprinkles and think, why not – just one more.

My office for one, has a November bake sale and then come December Christmas chocolates come out and then there’s baking and suddenly every morning there is something new and exciting in the lunchroom not to mention the gifts of chocolate we find left on our chairs. The lunches and leftover food, there is so much abundance at times and it makes it so easy to eat, even if you don’t really want to. While it is ok to indulge sometimes the fact that this food is around so often during the holiday you can find yourself eating it way more than you planned to leading you away from the healthy path and maybe even back to your old ways. So here are three of my tricks to stay away from the office cookie tins.

Recruit a like-minded friend. Almost like having your own personal food police if you have a friend on your side who knows you don’t want to stuff your face or over eat or stay away from sweets can be a huge help in reaching your goal. They can remind you to say no when you want to go for the sweets or when someone left cookies in the break room at work they can be there to say – They are all gone (even if maybe they aren’t). Sometimes a gentle reminder can be all you need to kick yourself out of that “must eat….. [fill in the blank] ” that can overcome you in those moments when you first see something delicious and all reason goes out of your head. I have a friend at work who will do this for me and I have to say I appreciate her so much for it.

Be Prepared like a Boyscout. Picture it, 3 pm at work your tummy is gurgling and hungry but you ate your lunch and have nothing else to eat, you’ve been trying so hard to eat healthy but the only thing around is that tray of shortbread cookies your coworker left in the copy room. What are you going to do? Don’t let yourself be put in this position. Always make sure you have enough healthy foods to eat or snack on. Veggie stick and hummus, an apple and some almonds, something to fill your belly until you can get through to the next meal. Buy yourself one of those aluminum water bottles so you can take that everywhere you go so you never get coerced into accepting a pop or other sugary drink.

Someone gave you a box of chocolates, or cookies, or insert food item here. You are grateful for sure but do you really want those whole box of chocolates/tray of cookies/cheese ball/etc. laying around your house calling your name, begging you to eat it. The best way to deal with a food gift is to take a few pieces for yourself, put them in a container and put them in the freezer, keep a couple out for you to enjoy now (if you so choose) and share the rest, bring them to the next family gathering. This way you get to enjoy the gift but share the love too (not to mention get rid of the temptation).

These are just some of the ways I deal with all that extra goodness in the office around the holidays, hopefully these tips will help you out. Do you have any special way of dealing with office temptations?


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