How to Make Time for Exercise this Holiday Season and Look Svelte Like Miley


Love her or hate her you gotta admit Miley looks pretty hot swinging around naked on that wrecking ball. If you want to get through the holidays with that kind of Miley-esq confidence and hot bod, the best thing you can do is to get your body moving. Exercise keeps you feeling good and energized especially when you are overindulging in food, alcohol and late nights – it’s the best medicine to keep you looking and feeling good throughout the holidays.

Image Courtesy of Lipstick Powder Paint
Image Courtesy of Lipstick Powder Paint

The question is how do I make the time to exercise? There are so many events, so much shopping, decorating and baking, late night parties…   when am I supposed to exercise? How will I fit it in?

The first thing you should do is to make the commitment to yourself that you will take the time to exercise every day. Decide that this is important to you, and whatever ‘workout’ means to you, you are going to get up and move every single day. Making a commitment to yourself that you WILL exercise takes the question out of it. You don’t wake up thinking, am I going to exercise today? You know you are – it’s no longer an option, it’s happening.

After you’ve made that commitment figure out the best time and place that works for you, that makes it easy for you to get done what you need to do. Whether that means laying out your shoes and workout gear the night before, scheduling a class, recruiting a friend, letting your hubby know you’re going to be working out as soon as you get home, choosing your workout the night before and writing it into your calendar. Make it a non option and tell people to make yourself accountable.


I like to workout at home first thing in the morning, it makes it really easy for me to get up, grab a coffee, throw on my sneakers and it get it done. I have my workout picked out the night before so there’s nothing to think about, just doing it. Don’t make it an optional thing in the morning – just do it. Whatever makes it easier for you to get ‘er done – make it happen.

You might be thinking but things get crazy around the holidays, I don’t have time to work out. 

This is never an excuse, there is always time to do something. Exercise doesn’t have to be a long grueling hour at the gym or pumping weights, you can get in a great workout at home in less than 20 minutes. Amanda Russell is my workout guru, her workouts have changed the way I think about fitness, she really shows you that it can be so easy to fit in fitness.

Below are a few of my favourite 20 minute and under workouts. There is even one that is only five minutes long. What do we say? No excuses!

Five Minute Intense Workout

Four Minute Body Blaster

One Minute Cardio Interval Workout

Cardio Kickoff – Beach Body Plan

Booty Blaster

Flat Belly Workout

Metabolic Meltdown Workout

Best 15 Minute Workout

There are some days when you really just can’t drag yourself out of bed ten minutes early but even if your day is swamped you can still find the time to get your body moving. Whether it’s parking further away than usually, getting off the bus a stop early, taking the stairs – on days I don’t get that workout in in the morning I often will take the stairs to the bathroom on the top floor of our building, just to get a little bit of exercise in for the day – at lunch, maybe I’ll run them twice. My friend at work does 20 squats every time she goes to the bathroom, or on your coffee break take a quick walk around the block, there are really no excuses. Make it a priority and make it happen.

Out taking a walk at lunch
Out taking a walk at lunch

Let me know how it goes! How you liked the workouts, or what you do to fit fitness into your life! You can do it! I’m here to motivate and cheer you on!


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