Stay Sexy for the Holidays with my Holiday Survival Series!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Christmas is right around the corner and like it or not people are already starting to get their holiday cheer on, hanging up decorations and putting up their Christmas trees, starting to plan out their Christmas baking, shopping and holiday schedule. It’s exciting, the countdown is officially on for Christmas and while I may not approve of Christmas trees in November, I thought it might be a good time to start planning my holiday survival strategy.

I used to proudly proclaim that I was ‘getting my holiday belly on’ or making it ‘jiggle like a bowl full of jelly’ as I munched away on sugar cookies and chocolates. It seems like an inevitable part of the holidays, packing on the Christmas 5 or 10 or (hopefully not) 15!! It can be hard to approach the season objectively, we are so used to thinking of the Holiday Season as a time to indulge, but the problem is it’s more than just one day of indulging, it tends to span a month, or sometimes more!

For some people the very thought of the holiday season sends them into a panic! The next six weeks will be filled with holiday parties, Christmas baking, eggnog, big holiday dinners, ordeurves, candy canes, boozy evenings, chocolates… need I go on?

If you’re anything like me you’re sitting here thinking how am I going to get through the next six weeks without packing on the pounds? I don’t want the inevitable jelly belly and bloated, lethargy that comes from the season of indulgence! So, to make sure we stay on track, I am dedicating the next six weeks to helping you – and me – learn how to make the best choices we can in the holiday season so we can get through it all looking svelt and sexy!

Check in every week on Sunday for tips and tricks to eat healthier, cut back on sweets, deal with the holiday parties and office baking, and keep on top of your exercise routine as well as healthier versions of some of your favourite holiday treats!

You can check off your holiday to do list while keeping fit and healthy! And guess what? It can be easy – if you have a plan.


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