A Little Bit of Luxury on a Sunday Morning

breakfast - victoria pearso getty images

I never thought I would be telling my fiance to go play video games.

I woke up to him watching Breaking Bad so I decided to take my coffee back to the bedroom and power up my computer. That’s when I realized there’s something so romantic about spending a lazy Sunday morning laying in bed, sipping on a coffee in a fancy mug, flipping through magazines and catching up on Internet happenings. It brings me back to my single girl days in my bachelorette pad, where my days were truly mine, no one asking what my plans for the day were as soon I woke up or always wanting a cuddle. I could just lay around in my PJs drinking a coffee and indulge in some Sex and the City or South Park, it seems like such a luxury thinking about it now, just being able to do whatever I wanted. Nobody to pay attention to except myself. Even as I type this now, my fiance has invaded my space. I just giggle to myself every time he says something or hums something. All you single ladies out there – ENJOY IT!! Your life will never be the same again!

They say you can lose yourself in a couple, I never really got it until just now.  I love him dearly, spending time laying on the couch and cuddling and just being around him. All the time. I feel like this need for togetherness has created a bit of a vacuum in my life, all that time I used to spend focused on me has been sucked out and I have stopped a lot of those self care things I used to enjoy. I have stopped pampering myself and taking the time to just ‘do me.’  It’s time to start taking that time  back the “just for me” time, to care for me and my needs. To indulge myself and create a little luxury in my life. Whether it’s kicking Mark out of the bedroom so I can have some quiet girly time (which I just did!) or going for a massage or simply taking the time to paint my nails, I just need to start blocking off time to take care of me and my needs.

Has this happened to you? Do you find yourself focusing on your coupleness more than yourself? Or are you a proud single girl who does whatever she wants?

Part of being healthy and happy, as I’m learning at Integrative Nutrition, is not just the food you eat or the exercise you do, it’s taking care of yourself on all levels – your relationship, career, self care. It’s important to realize the areas in your life where you are lacking, so you can take steps to improve them, it will help lead you to more happiness and well being. It is so easy to get wrapped up in a relationship, or a project, or hobby, I want to encourage you to take a look at your life and make sure you’re taking that time to create a little luxury in yourself.

Of course once I’m done typing this, I’m putting on my sports bra, lacing up my shoes and getting my workout on, because that’s part of taking care of myself too.


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