About as Dairy Free as an Ice Cream Parlour

No dairy hasn’t been working very well for me. The thing is, I didn’t realize how many products actually contain milk or “milk ingredients” the very Visalus shake mix I put in my green smoothie in the morning has it, chocolate has it, animal crackers didn’t but the box said “may contain milk.” What’s a girl to do?

I put cheese on my enchiladas. That’s what I did. And I ate chip dip. There may have been chocolate consumption as well. BUT what I also did is replaced the milk in my coffee with almond milk every morning – and you know what? I LIKE it!

I thought it would be so easy giving up dairy and it turned out not to be. I still want to be dairy free, for a while, at some point, BUT I also want to use up the rest of that Visalus Shake Mix I spent however much money on last year – and it’s only good until the end of the year!

What do we learn from this?

When looking to make a life change, it’s always a good idea to start small, make one change at a time and go from there. I cut out milk. Go me! At least at home, I’m pretty sure that quiche Mark’s mom made on Sunday had milk, or maybe even cream. The chip dip was just a weird craving that I couldn’t find a substitute for, and the cheese on my enchilada’s well. That just seemed too good to pass up.

What we learn? We’re all human, we make mistakes, we say one thing and do another, it’s hard to change your habits. It’s hard to change your lifestyle. That’s why we have so many health problems in society today because we’re all so used to eating the way the food companies want us to – large portions and processed, chemicalized foods, that are created to make us addicted and want more.

Are you trying to make a life change, eat healthier, lose weight, stay away from the sweets but having trouble? Don’t beat yourself up about it. It happens. The important thing is to keep trying, it will get easier. And take small steps.

courtesy of Health Mastery
photo courtesy of Health Mastery

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