Does No Dairy Include Chocolate? Because I Might Have Made a Big Mistake

Mark brought up a good point the other day when I grabbed a couple Halloween sized Mars bars to melt over my popcorn – you can’t eat that, there’s milk in there. Well… uh…  I’m not starting until tomorrow.

I really hadn’t given it much thought, the other places milk hides in our diets. I was thinking the obvious, milk, cheese, yogurt, whatever. When I took a look there are modified milk ingredients in my chocolate bars, and of course milk chocolate. Normally I try to be pretty open with my diet and to never be too restrictive about what I can or can’t eat, I tend to be more of the school that there is room for everything provided you eat healthy and whole foods most of the time.

Right now I’m experimenting to see if dairy is affecting my health and maybe eating a little modified milk ingredients here and there isn’t the best thing? I still haven’t decided exactly where I stand on this (although maybe that Crispy Crunch – mini – I chowed down on, oh and it was heavenly, might have a few words to say about that). Ultimately I do want to try to stay as true to the no dairy thing as I

can. Obviously there will be some exceptions – eating out, it’s easy enough to get something without cheese but how can you know what’s actually cooked into your food? Or eating at someone’s house, I’m not going to not eat something they have prepared – especially if Mark’s mom has whipped up some kind of amazingly delicious dessert – which she always does, but for the most part I’m keeping it out of my (1)

I discovered coffee with almond milk (unsweetened, plain) is really not that bad. I was so dreading coffee without milk but in fact, it’s pretty enjoyable, not unlike coffee with milk just a little less creamy. Over the years I’ve eaten very little dairy in the past but milk in my coffee was the one place I just couldn’t get away from it so I’m happy about this.

How do you feel about dietary restrictions? Are you all or nothing? Or do you think there is some wiggle room?


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