My Dairy Free Experiment

Last piece of pizza for a whileRecently, I listened to a presentation by Alicia Silverstone author of The Kind Life about her awakening into health and wellness. She had a lot of really interesting thing to say but the thing that really got me was when she talked about dairy and how she used to have a lot of allergies and asthma and when she cut out dairy she stopped having allergies and asthma and no longer needed to go see her allergy doctor on a yearly basis for shots. When he called her up asking her why he hadn’t seen her in a few years she told him that she doesn’t have problems anymore since she cut out dairy, his reply? I get that a lot.

I have some breathing issues, I don’t know if I would call it asthma but sometimes it is more labourous to breath, I’m also allergic to dogs and cats and often get weird skin reactions or rashes to different things. When I heard Alicia talking about this it really spoke to me and stuck in my mind. I don’t drink a lot of milk or eat a lot of dairy – although I have been eating a lot of yogurt lately, since I was on antibiotics – and my intake of cheese has increased since I started living with The Fiance.

I’m not sure if I’m really expecting to see much change by cutting out dairy but I know I’ve always felt it to be a little off to drink the milk of another animal, especially after hearing of all the puss and antibiotics that can be in milk (in the US in particular, I’m not completely sure about Canada – a lot of the stuff I read is from the US).

Starting tomorrow, I’m going dairy free. The hard part will be coffee, I don’t drink a lot of it but I do love it with milk and nothing else. I’ll have to experiment with almond milk and maybe drinking it black. I’m really excited to try this and interested to see if it does have any impact on my health or my rashes.

I will keep track of my observations and share. Are you lactose intolerant? Or allergic to dairy? Maybe it’s affecting you?


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