I Am So Over All These Beauty Campaigns

Victoria Secret vs Dove Beauty Campaigns
Victoria Secret vs Dove Beauty Campaigns

I’m so over all these campaigns. They are coming from a good place, with good intentions, but mostly they are still photo shopped, and they don’t represent ALL women. Who’s to say a “Real” Beauty is a dove woman, sure being curvy is great and beautiful but so is being skinny and everything in between. Every woman is beautiful!

Tell yourself that you are beautiful, even if you don’t believe it. Practice compassion towards yourself. You are perfect just the way you are, just because you don’t look like, or act like someone you admire or envy doesn’t mean you aren’t a completely amazing, beautiful person. Everyone has their own issues, their own struggles and we need to stop focusing so much on our looks and what a “real woman” is and just learn to love ourselves.

Start replacing all those negative thoughts you have about your body with positive ones, maybe it’s not that easy but comparing yourself to all these other women isn’t gonna help either. Show yourself love by treating your body right. Eat good whole foods, start moving and getting more active you will start to feel so much better. Take a class or learn a new skill or set a goal to run a 10k, learn to appreciate the fact that you can make a mean omelet, or your great hair, the way you are a natural leader or whatever it is that makes you YOU – start appreciating it.

If you catch yourself being negative or criticizing yourself I want you to stop yourself, and turn it around and tell yourself something positive. Give yourself a compliment. How great your hair looks today, or how amazing it was that you took the stairs instead of the elevator or how supportive and amazing you are as a friend. Recognize all the amazing things about yourself and start loving who you are.

Come on ladies, woman up and love yourselves! 🙂


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